Best Used Trucks For Off-roading

When it comes to extreme sports, few activities come close to off road trucking. From the crunch of sand underfoot, to the rolling hills and rock surface, this is the ultimate in adventure. As with most things, in order to get the most out of it, one has to have the right equipment.

To help make your next off road adventure a success, we are going to run down the best trucks for off road driving. Please note that these vehicles are not ranked in any order

Jeep Wrangler Rubicon Hard Rock Edition

In the off-road driving scene, even novices will be familiar with the Jeep brand. Proven over time to be a hardy and capable machine, the Jeep is definitely one of the best trucks for off road adventures.

Making its first appearance early on in 2003, this off-road marquee is a solid offer. Robust materials such as Dana 4×4 axles and an independent swaybar are just a few of the reasons this truck makes short work of grueling terrain.

Dodge Ram Power Wagon

Another renowned brand that has carved a name for itself in off road driving is Dodge. While many of their trucks get the job done, there is something about the Ram Power Wagon that is unique.

A suspension frame that takes on a coil structure keeps the truck afloat, no matter the landscape. Front and rear axles built on rock-hard steel [pun intended] prevent unnecessary surprises once you hit the rough.

Ford Raptor

While the previous two have been in the market for a lot longer, the Raptor from Ford is a comparatively new contender. This however, has not deterred the entrant. A class-leading 411 hp, 6.2 v8 engine has established the Ford Raptor in the best trucks for off road category.

To better place all this power onto the ground, the truck has a broad suspension and 35 inch purpose-built tires. The Raptor fuses a Baja – inspired theme with mainstream utilities such as a locking differential that gives the driver an edge in the dirt.

Chevrolet Colorado ZR2

While Chevvie hasn’t always taken well to off-roading, their offering in the Colorado has changed that narrative. Bringing in varied models, including special editions, has helped to increase the popularity of these trucks with an assortment of consumers. A combination of paying attention to their market and putting together a proficient off-roader, Chevrolet successfully clawed their way to the top.

Toyota Tundra TRD Pro

At this point, many a Toyota fans would have been wondering where the Tundra places on this list. And this is with good reason. The Toyota Tundra has long held its own as one of the best trucks for off road use on the market.

Topping the range is the Toyota Tundra TRD Pro. What sets this vehicle apart is the extreme attention to off-roading detail. Additions such as a skid plate, off-road suspension as well as standard off-road tires make it more than able to deliver in rough terrain. It’s even been known to easily deal with small jumps with little to no bottoming out.

Whichever truck you choose here, you can be guaranteed they won’t let you down when the tough gets going

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